Timeline (As of July 2, 2020)

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1929 Building completed as a residential hotel. Hotel rooms and apartments advertised in local papers.
1938-39 Lobby remodeled from Tudor to Art Deco sytle.

Rooms and baths built in both wings of the ground floor hallways to provide military housing during WWII.

Windows alcoves on floors 2 to 8 remodeled as bedrooms for women in the Navy WAVES (Women Acepted for Voluntary Emergency Service). These alcoves connect to former staff bathrooms.


Certificate of Incorporation registered with the Corporation Trust Company, Wilmington, DE, naming the Broadmoor Cooperative Apartments, Inc..

First Board of Directors meets; Edmund J. Flynn Company acts as managing agent until April 15, 1950.


The first committee established: the House and Grounds Committee with representatives from each floor.

A number of hobby rooms made available to residents.


The first Board of Directors consisting of resident members elected.

The central gas refrigeration system discontinued; each owner buys a refrigerator.

Each apartment wired for an outside telephone. Residents can no longer route outside calls through the switchboard.


Seven members of the Board elected to one-year term.

1952 Elizabeth Lambden first woman elected to the Board by Broadmoor members.
1954 Coal burners replaced with oil.
1956 Automatic lobby elevators installed.

Front driveway turned into a two-way drive; Quebec St. exit closed; parking around circle banned.

Board adopts policy prohibiting sale or rental of apartments to people with children under the age of 12.

1960 Bylaws amendment approved: requirement to vote for no more or less than seven Board members.
1963 Board amends rules to prohibit pets in apartments; existing pets grandmothered in.
1968 Hot and cold water pipes in bathrooms replaced.

Mr. and Mrs. Raninier Thulewaite open Csikos a Hungarian restaurant.

Broadmoor gas pumps closed for economic reasons.


Manual freight elevator changed to automatic.

1973 Broadmoor party celebrates 25th anniversary of the Cooperative.
1974 Fire in apartment 815: owner killed. Fire caused by negligent smoking.

Upper garage doors locked at all times for security reasons.

The lobby completely refurnished.

1976 Hilda Osborne hired as resident manager. She remains for 17 years.

Board voted to continue the no-child policy.

Handicapped parking provided in back of building.

1981 Board approved first baby to live in the building because Broadmoor rule became illegal under new D.C. Law.

First AC condenser installed on the roof.

The Broadmoor of Cleveland Park: A Short History, completed.


New lobby and service elevators installed.

Ground-floor business corridor remodeled, including space for dental offices.

Doorman services discontinued.

1984-85 Use of recognition agreements adopted by the Board.

Dentists, Drs. Almo and Selvaggio, sign a 10-year lease.

Amendment to by-laws limits board member tenure to three consecutive years.

Board members elected for two-year terms; elections staggered to allow for continuity.

1986 First garage sale organized.
1987 Cleveland Park, including the Broadmoor, designated Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places.

Csikos restaurant closed

First Broadmoor Broadcaster newsletter distributed to residents.

Front driveway reconfigured to allow easy access for wheelchairs and for heavy-weight dollies.

Cable TV installed.


First apartment tour held.

Dental suite expanded.


Front entry renovation; doors replaced to provide maximum feasible accessibility; door design similar to originals; brick terraces repaved to a gentle slope.

Front and side entrance doors locked 24-hours a day.

Datawatch keys distributed to residents.

Professional inspection required at time of apartment transfer.

New roof installed.

Wheelchair lift installed leading from lobby to the Commons.


Indoor guest parking, parking attendant and car washing services discontinued.

Guest parking permitted behind building.


New rental policy: two years of ownership required before renting.

Garage renovated.

Valet shop closed.


Smoking prohibited in all common areas. Smoking on Broadmoor grounds limited to loading dock.

Laundry room upgraded; number of washers and dryers increased.

Former staff lounge becomes drying room.

Exercise Room planning begins with resident survey.


Ten-year Master Landscape Plan adopted.

Policy established for gifts and memorials on grounds.

Broadmoor party celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Cooperative.

Stretching and strengthening class started.


Exercise room opened.

Outdoor terrace installed on rear lawn. Gently sloping paved walkway ensures access for persons with mobility impairement.

New phone system installed for the Broadmoor office, including the front desk. Switchboard disconnected. Residents must use an outside line to connect to the front desk.

Annual Christmas gift collection for children at Brightwood Elementary School organized.


Library system organized for magazine and book lending.

All five guest rooms refurbished.

Edmund J. Flynn Co. authorized as transfer agent for the corporation.

Bike room established in space off upper garage.


Lecture series begins.

Heritage Party features regional and international dishes prepared by residents. Residents put together a Broadmoor cookbook.

Underground irrigation system for the lawn installed.


Five security cameras installed.

Members' forum initiated at start of each Board meeting.

Damaged asbestos in public areas removed and replaced with fiberglass insulation.

Historical plaque affixed to front entrance.

Retirement party for Mary Harrison, on staff for 35 years.

Sarah Boswell hired as general manager.


Full-time painter/plasterer hired to handle routine repair and maintenance work.

Wine cellear established in former bulb room.


Window standard approved for future window replacements.

Beauty salon lease expired and not renewed.

2006 www.broadmoorDC.com established as a website for the cooperative (site no longer updated).

Final version of the Broadmoor's architectual and design policies, procedures, and standards approved by the Board.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors formed by a group of residents to develop and sustain a system of neighborly support and resources.

The Board finishes the new Resident Handbook, replacing the October 1997 Broadmoor Bylaws, Rules and Policies document.

2008 Callbox restored by the Cleveland Park Historical Society.

Contract accepted for development of a master interior design plan.

The manager increased recycling options; the Board established the Broadmoor's first green committee.

80th Anniversary Party celebrates the opening of the Broadmoor in 1929.

History Committee uses display case in the commerical corridor for an exhibit on WAVEs residing in the building during WWII.


Membership approves financing an extensive electrical and safety upgrade.

Presumed original switchboard moved to the Commons.

Data Watch Access updated with new fobs which can be programmed on site.


Membership approves Life Safety Electrical and Fire Safety Upgrade Project mortage.

Freecycle Table in Laundry Room opens.

Outer Lobby chairs reupholstered using 2008 Yard Sale proceeds.

3601neighbors electronic bulletin board initiated by Neighbors Helping Neighbors.


Electrical and Life Safety Upgrade project starts.

Initiation of weekly upadates from General Manager.

Broadmoor Radio Players Perform.

Library temporarily moves to Commons.

Bike Room moves to former commercial kitchen used by Csikos.

Exercise Room moves to former beauty salon in the Commerical Cooridor.

Building-Link is inaugurated.


No Pet Policy upheld by Board of Directors.

Asbestos Abatement project.

Intallation of Trash and Recycle Chutes.

History Committee Collections Room approved.

Broadmoor Library moves to Commons Card Room.


Electrical and Life Safety Upgrade project completed.

New Laundry Room washers and dryers installed and large table for folding refurbished.


Yard Sale

Toys for Toddlers moves to Commons large room.

Commercial Corridor Display Case features regular Broadmoor History exhibits.

Passing of Eleanor Jackson and Thomas Miller, the last of the residents who moved here in 1948 when the building became a coop.

Switchboard moved to the guest rooms foyer with historical information.

2019 90th Anniversary Party celebration in the Commons.
2020 March--COVID locks down the building. Use of garden area in rear of building triples!