Baist Maps and Photo from the Historical Society of Washington, D.C.
Full citation "Baist Real Estate Atlas of Surveys of Washington, District of Columbia, Vol. 3."

Contributed by Allen Irish.

Below are maps showing the Broadmoor site pre-construction.  Allen Irish writes "These maps from 1909 are quite interesting, as they show many planned roads, some of which were never built, such as the Rodman extension east of Connecticut, (which was drawn into the plan (presumably without the planner being aware that the road would go down into a ravine).  Looking at the 1930 Baist map, it appears that the Chevy Chase Land Co. owned most of the Broadmoor site (the Newlands Co. owned a small slice where the garage sits, which Newlands apparently purchased from Edward J. Stellwagen sometime between 1909 and 1925.).  Based on the aerial photo, it appears that the entire plot was wooded prior to the Broadmoor’s construction.  Additionally, you look at plate 28 in particular, you will see that some of the street names were different at one point (Porter was Monroe, etc.).  A large traffic circle was planned for the planned intersection of Tilden, Reno, and Idaho, which never happened.  There was a small road between Connecticut and Wisconsin roughly where Van Ness is now (Pierce Mill Road) that has subsequently vanished. The area where the Whittle School currently sits, and which formerly was Intelsat, was the U.S. Bureau of standards.  Interesting to see how things were planned and subsequently evolved.  By the way, the actual plates, which I saw at the Historical Society of Washington’s Kiplinger Library, are huge, probably about 40X30 or bigger.  For residents who are interested in seeing how Washington was in the early part of the century, you can view these maps at"

Baist Plate 26

Baist Plate 27

Baist Plate 28

Baist Detail Showing Broadmoor 1930

Baist Detail no date


Aerial Photos

Source: Historical Society of Washington DC

Contributed by Allen Irish.

Aerial 1 This photo ca. 1939 shows the building before any of the neighboring buildings were erected and even before Quebec Street was put in. ca. 1930. Historical Society of Washington DC.

Aerial 2 Broadmoor Apartments ca. 1940 at lower center, Sedgwick Gardems, Tilden Gardens, Bureau of Stamdards at right upper center, ca. 1940. Historical Society of Washington DC.

Aerial 3 Connecticut Avenue ca. 1940 from lower left to upper right, ca 1940. Historical Society of Washington DC.


National Register Documentation

National Register of Historic Places Registration Form [for Cleveland Park Historic District]